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I Traveled for 1,001 days in a row
3 Continents
+50 cities
Mastering 4 Languages
Paying for Sovereign Services and Building a Global Network
And Became a Sovereign Individual
7 Residencies | 7 Driving Licenses | Multiple Passports | 22 Bank Accounts in +10 countries
And a strong circle of lawyers, accountants and Service providers
My Clients Are Usually
Non-US citizens | Online Business Owners
Making over $500k Yearly Profit | +7-Figure Net Worth
Living in +3 Countries a year or willing to relocate

I Might now want to help you

We are not a fit if

You didn't like my free content or didn't check it yet (do it, it will save you time)
You look for the cheapest price (disclosure: I am on the premium side)
You try to get a free consultation by sending friendly DMs with "some questions"
You are making less than 50,000 USD profit a year (it might not make sense for you to pay for a tax-optimized setup or a passport Plan B)

Keep Reading If

You loved my content and you know you want my help with your sovereign plan.
You value speed (time) over endless scrolling on free articles and social media posts.
You are in the 'Plan' or 'Action' phase rather than the 'Curiosity' one.
You already did the math and paying over 10,000 USD in a tax-optimized setup or a new passport is totally worthy for you right now.
your sovereign partner

Results Speak For Themselves

The Power, Reach and Depth of my Network is Unbeatable
+200 Successful paraguay 0% tax residencies in the last 7 years
Partners in 4 continents with access to 9 passports
Partners trusted and vetted (with my own Money)
Network of Real Estate Agents, Hosts, Lawyers, Accountants, Immigration Officers, Doctors, Airport Agents, Driving License Expeditors.

A Trustworthy Reputation to Keep

You’ll get what you pay for in a professional and timely manner.

Do you think I will risk my flawless reputation to take your money and not deliver? For What? A few thousand $?

Two Options To Start With

30 Minutes Unlimited Questions
$1,000 (with Miquel)
$500 (with a team consultant)
You can send them before hand
Recommended for curious-only people or those on a tight budget.
Complete Sovereign Plan
Tailored to you. You end with an actionable route map. We'll cover:
Starts at $5,000
Lifestyle Residency
0% Tax Residency
Unlimited Questions
Opens doors to execute the plan with me and my partners
Recommended to create a solid 0% international tax structure

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Unfortunately, not.The first step is the consultation to ensure the 0% Tax Residency will be viable for you and won’t enter in conflict with other pieces of the Sovereign plan.

Check the Paraguay service here:

If you are almost sure you are eligible for the Paraguay Tax Residency or any of my other services, I recommend you booking the 30 min consultation.
Send me a message with your chosen consultation so we can book a time for your session. You can share some available times for you and also the timezone you’ll be calling from.
Pre-session, you send all the questions you have.In our call, you explain your situation and goals – and I listen. We then discuss and analyze various options.
First, we’ll book the time and date.The payment can happen up to 12h before our session.
Yes, USDT or Bitcoin are accepted.
No. You can execute the discussed plan on your own or with other people. No strings attached if you consider doing the next steps with me is not your best option.

What Else I Can Do For You?

passport and residencies
Paraguay residency and citizenship
Mexican passport and residency
Panamá residency
business incorporations
US Anonymous LLC
United Kingdom LLP
Panamá LLC, others...
american banking access
Open American Bank Accounts
Access to American Credit
Real Estate Investment
Bank Relationships
Top Lawyers Network