Paraguay 0% Tax Residency in just a 3-day In-Person Process

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Why Paraguay?

Territorial Tax Nation
You legally don't have to pay taxes on worldwide income
You only pay local generated income (10%)
Get Your residency
30-60 days to prepare your docs pre-visit
Get your residency in 1-3 days in person + 15 days wait + Get Your Cedula in 15 more days
Get your RUC (Tax ID) and start paying 0% taxes
Get your rUC and accountant
Get your RUC (Tax ID) and start paying 0% taxes (1 day visit to get it)
Get a local address (no need of your physical presence)
A dedicated accountant will handle your monthly declarations
Paraguayan banking access
Accounts in Guarani, USD and EUR
Opaque banking (non-CRS)
+ Visa Infinite Black and Amex Platinum
road to citizenship
Access to Mercosur countries
Start setting up your citizenship Plan B
Visa free to 144 countries
vip network and investment opportunities
Access to the most influential real estate developers.
Access to the strongest lawyers (the ones I use).
Favorite Combo: Create legal structures, such as LLCs, holdings or trusts, for extra protection.
Other Service providers and freelancer might be able to help you well, until something unexpected happens.

Then you'll be stuck. Good luck.
+200 Paraguayan Residencies in the last 7 years
The power, reach and depth of our network is unbeatable.

When other "experts" are still figuring the process out, we already have a streamlined system to get you the Paraguayan Temporary Residency documents faster and more professionally than others.

A simplified process. You come here, we take care of the rest.

Traditional Way
You must speak proficient Spanish to communicate with government agents.
You are another application in a stack of papers (waitlist can be 8-12 months)
You arrive in Paraguay and you are alone. Talk to local taxis to drop you somewhere you've never been before.
You have to figure out where to get the documents, where to sign them, and where to submit them.
You have to call to local numbers and set the appointments (in Spanish) or deal with an obsolete website to book your time online.
After 40+ hours of research and helpless in Asunción, Paraguay, you might end up paying an expert to do it with you.
With My Team
I am a native Spanish speaker + the team is fully Paraguayan. We handle all the documents translations for you.
With the right contacts, your application can be processed a week after we start.
You arrive in Paraguay and we pick you up at the airport to drive you safely to the stay you chose (with no booking fees).
We have all your documents ready and the appointments booked in 3 consecutive days. You only show up, sign docs, and you're done.
We have priority access to appointments. We can even get in 1 day what other immigration services take 3-4 weeks.
You paid to save time, made more money meanwhile, and did not have a single headache. Your Paraguay Tax Residence has been seamless.

Why Paraguay is perfect for Sovereign Individuals

territorial tax country
Local income is taxed at a flat rate of a 10%, all foreign income is taxed at a 0%.
no minimum stay
No requirement to spend a minimum number of days per year to keep your Residency. Ideal for nomads or perpetual travelers.
easy access to citizenship
After 5 years of temporary residency you can apply for the Paraguayan Passport.
With a government favoring free-markets, Paraguay doesn’t tax your crypto gains or wealth.
bank anonimity
Paraguay is one of the last sovereign countries. Their banking is opaque to most of the world (non-CRS).
Move to Paraguay, start your 0% Life. With a few clicks.
With us, you can change your legal residency within days, instead of weeks. We help you with all the paperwork.
Moving to Paraguay is simple and straightforward
30-60 days to prepare your docs pre-visit
1-3 days in person (Asunción, Paraguay)
Leave with Residencia precaria (already valid)
Get your residency in 1-3 days in person + 15 days wait + Get Your Cedula in 15 more days
Get your RUC (Tax ID) and start paying 0% taxes
Add-ons (Click to see)
Driving licenses (car and moto in 24h)
Weapon licenses
Temporary Residency to Permanent Residency (in 2 years)
Permanent Residency to Passport (after 3 years)
Bank opening (3 banks, with a premium one)
Paraguayan Company
All processes are legal (white area) and properly registered in the official government system.

You are 5 Steps Away
from a 0% Tax Life

Fill form and start the process with us
Get the required documents. We'll validate them for you before your visit.
Book the flight. Come to Asunción, Paraguay.
Sign some documents during the 1-3 days in person.
The rest is on us.

In 30-45 days you'll have your Temporary Residency. In 15-30 more your Cédula.
Come again for 1 day visit to get your RUC (Tax ID).

Then you can leave and we'll handle the 0% taxes for you.

No minimum required stay after that

Choose Your
Paraguay Residency Plan

Paraguay 0% Tax
Airbnb/ Rent Contacts (no fees)
Curated map of hiddden gems in Asunción
Temporary Residency in 3-4 months
Cédula in 60 more days
All add-ons (below) are not included. Pick and pay as you choose.
Team +5 years of experience.
Lean and efficient.
Select this option
Paraguay 0% Tax
Fast Track
Airport Pick up
Registered address and
Utility bill in your name
(to open bank accounts)
Temporary Residency in 30-45 days
Cédula in 15 more days
Included: Cédula, RUC and accountant for 1 year.
+ Banking line (normal banking immediately, Premium one after 6 months of tax filing)
Team +15 years of experience.
The best money can get.
Select this option

Add-ons in Paraguay

Monthly Tax Filing for a year
Registered address
Paraguay Rental Agreement (valid for 6 or 12 months)
As a Proof of Address for banks and international institutions
Police Signed Proof of Address Document
Paraguay Utility Bill (valid for 3 months)
As a Proof of Address for banks and international institutions
Paraguay Bank Accounts
Itaú Personal Bank
Best Credit Cards
Guaraní, Dollar and Euro
Opac Banking
Paraguay Driving Licenses
24 hours
Car and Motorcycle
DHL mail once approved
Paraguay Investment and Real Estate
Set Up your company
Paraguayan "Trust"
Access to the best network of developers
Real Estate connections
Chat with my team

Success Team:
AI Chat
Solve instantly any questions with our AI Sovereign Assistant (chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page)

What my clients say

I opened an offshore bank account + Debit Card in under one hour with Miquel's contacts.
"We set up a group chat beforehand and I shared some information. With that they set up an appointment for me at the bank. I arrived at the given time, a real nice location, and had the one to one meeting with the bank rep. She was super helpful and we had the account opened and debit card in hand in less than an hour. I had the option to open a crypto friendly account or a standard checking account. Very happy with how it went.

I was also able to compare the service with another bank there, very different experience and I still haven’t got the account 2 weeks later. So all in all I can definitely recommend Miquel’s contact there."
Nicholas O
I got my Mexican passport in 5 weeks after being stuck for months.
"Mexico can be heaven or a nightmare depending on who you know.

Processes get stuck and there's not much you can do as a foreigner to speed it up.

They take their time and via the normal route, it can take months.

Miquel helped me get all the required documents I needed to expedite my Mexican passport (one was not correct as advised by another service provider).

With the right documents, he used his contacts to put my case in priority.

5 weeks later I went to Miquel's partners office in Playa del Carmen to pick my new Mexican passport.

Officially a Mexican citizenship now.

I wish I leveraged the right contacts before. After months stuck, with Miquel's team it was all a breeze."
Ryan L
mexican passport
I got my US ITIN in 3 months and 2 days after filling a 2 min form. The rest was on Miquel's team.
"I sent a passport scan, an email and a mail address.

Miquel's team submitted everything in minutes after my application.

Days later I received a document from the IRS. I signed it.

3 months and 2 days later, I have my ITIN and I can open US bank accounts, access the best credit card system in the world, and even get a US Driving License.

Doors are open.

It was smooth. I recommended it to a few friends already."
Pedro A


View Full FAQ
What is tax residency in Paraguay?
Tax residency in Paraguay refers to the status of an individual or legal entity that is subject to taxation in the country based on their income, assets, and economic activities.
How do I become a tax resident in Paraguay?
To become a tax resident in Paraguay, you must either have a temporary/permanent residence in the country or spend at least 120 days within a 12-month period in Paraguay.
What is temporary residency in Paraguay?
Temporary residency in Paraguay is a legal status granted to foreigners who wish to reside in the country for a specific period without becoming permanent residents.
What are the requirements for temporary residency in Paraguay?
To apply for temporary residency, you must submit a temporary residency application to the Dirección General de Migraciones (DGM) along with the required documentation.
How long does temporary residency last in Paraguay?
Temporary residency in Paraguay is usually granted for one year and can be renewed annually for up to three years.
Can I work in Paraguay with a temporary residency?
Yes, you can work in Paraguay with temporary residency, provided you obtain the necessary permits and meet the requirements of your residency category.
What is the cost of living in Paraguay?
Paraguay's living cost is relatively low compared to other countries in the region.

Expenses vary depending on your lifestyle and location, but overall, you can expect lower costs for housing, transportation, and food.

600 USD decent loft to 1,200 USD fancy loft/1 bedroom.

Meat (highest quality and 5 USD/kg)Eating out at a fine dining restaurant (15-20 USD per person)
What is the official currency of Paraguay?
The official currency of Paraguay is the Paraguayan Guarani (PYG).You can also withdraw USD at the ATM, but are not widely accepted in the day to day.
Is Paraguay a safe country to live in?
Paraguay is considered relatively safe for expats, but it's essential to take standard safety precautions, such as avoiding certain areas at night and being cautious with personal belongings.
Can I open a bank account in Paraguay as a temporary resident?
Yes, temporary residents can open a bank account in Paraguay by providing the necessary documents, including their residency card, passport, and proof of addres
What is the income tax rate in Paraguay?
The income tax rate in Paraguay is a flat 10% for residents, while non-residents are subject to a 12.5% withholding tax on Paraguayan-sourced income.
Are there any tax benefits for foreign residents in Paraguay?
Paraguay offers a territorial tax system, meaning foreign residents are only taxed on income derived from Paraguayan sources.

Get Your 0% Tax Residency in Paraguay

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