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With the Right Contacts, in Mexico, everything is possible.
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Why Mexico?

Still a free country
Unlimited options for lifestyle, investment, vacations, fun.
One document, PR or passport, opens the doors to the country, forever.
Booming investment opportunities (>10-12% APY)
Get Your Temporary residency
If you prefer the low cost, 4 year path to Permanent Residency
Get your Permanent Residency
Explore ways to obtain it faster
Never expires (lifetime valid once you get it)
Get Your Mexican Passport
For wealthy, selected, Sovereign individuals (exclusive to Members or via a private consultation with Miquel)
Others Services
Bank Accounts
Investment Opprtunities and Real Estate
Our team and partners are the OGs of this game.

Partner with one of the best connected teams in Mexico.
+3,000 Mexican Residencies in the last 21 years
The power, reach and depth of our network is unbeatable.

When other "experts" are still figuring the process out, we already have a streamlined system to get you the Mexico Permanent/Temporary Residency or Citizenship documents faster and more professionally than others.

A simplified process.

You come here,
we take care of the rest.

With My Team
I am a native Spanish speaker + the team is fully Mexican. We handle all the documents FAST for you.
With the right contacts, your application can be processed INSTANTLY after we start.
We have teams in the leading States.
We use our vast network to deliver fast and reliably according to what you need.
Paying you get SPEED.
But you also need the right contacts.
We put both to work for you.
We have priority access to appointments. We can even get in 1 day what other immigration services take 3-4 weeks.
After you get what you want in Mexico, we'll be your go-to point of contact for anything you shall need in the future.

Why Mexico is perfect for You

Temporary Residency
The most affordable way to have unlimited access to Mexico for 4 years.
Permanent Residency
Mexico access forever. Does not expire.
Become a citizen and collect another passport that opens doors to +151 countries visa-free.
To be able to own property near the coast. Works well with other international asset protection structures.
Move to Mexico, start your Free Life. With a few clicks.
With us, you can change your legal residency within days, instead of weeks. We help you with all the paperwork fast and reliably.
Moving to Mexico is simple and straightforward with the right contacts
Visa (from any country). 30 days
Work Visa (if you have a contract, we'll get you the visa). 30 days.
Temporary Residency: Under a week.
Permanent Residency (if you fulfill the requirements). In 3-5 business days in person.
Passport (if you fulfill the requirements). In 4-8 weeks.
Add-ons (Click to see)
Driving licenses. 1 day in person (both moto and car) if you already know how to drive them.
Bank accounts
Investment Opportunities
Mexican companies and trusts
All processes are legal and properly registered in the official government system.

You are 5 Steps Away
from a 0% Tax Life

1. Book a consultation and tell us what you want or need.
2. We'll get back to you with the information we need to submit your application.
3. You can relax. We'll present all the paperwork to the Mexican authorities.
4. Visit the consulate or come to Mexico to finalize your process (if not 100% remotely)
5. Congratulations. Enjoy Mexico (even more) with your new documents.

Choose Your
Mexico Residency Plan

Temporary Residency
Valid for 4 years
Done in 5 business days
All add-ons (below) are not included. Pick and pay as you choose.
Select this option
Permanent Residency
Stay in Mexico forever
Done in 7 business days
Included: CURP
Team +15 years of experience. The best money can get.
Select this option

Mexico Passport Premium Service

Mexican Passport
Price after consultation
Ideal Plan B / 2nd passport
Visa free to +151 countries
Allows Dual Citizenship
Unlocks exclusive advantages in the country
apply now

Add-ons in Mexico

Mexico Basic Documents
Mexico ID information
Name, passport, or information edit/update in the system
Mexican Bank Accounts
Personal Accounts
Corporate Accounts
Dollar and Mexican Peso
Reliable Banking
Mexico Driving Licenses
24 hours
Car and Motorcycle
DHL mail once approved
Mexican Companies and Trusts
Mexican company (SA de CV)
Mexican Trust
Mexican SAPI

What my clients say

I opened an offshore bank account + Debit Card in under one hour with Miquel's contacts.
"We set up a group chat beforehand and I shared some information. With that they set up an appointment for me at the bank. I arrived at the given time, a real nice location, and had the one to one meeting with the bank rep. She was super helpful and we had the account opened and debit card in hand in less than an hour. I had the option to open a crypto friendly account or a standard checking account. Very happy with how it went.

I was also able to compare the service with another bank there, very different experience and I still haven’t got the account 2 weeks later. So all in all I can definitely recommend Miquel’s contact there."
Nicholas O
I got my Mexican passport in 5 weeks after being stuck for months.
"Mexico can be heaven or a nightmare depending on who you know.

Processes get stuck and there's not much you can do as a foreigner to speed it up.

They take their time and via the normal route, it can take months.

Miquel helped me get all the required documents I needed to expedite my Mexican passport (one was not correct as advised by another service provider).

With the right documents, he used his contacts to put my case in priority.

5 weeks later I went to Miquel's partners office in Playa del Carmen to pick my new Mexican passport.

Officially a Mexican citizenship now.

I wish I leveraged the right contacts before. After months stuck, with Miquel's team it was all a breeze."
Ryan L
mexican passport
I got my US ITIN in 3 months and 2 days after filling a 2 min form. The rest was on Miquel's team.
"I sent a passport scan, an email and a mail address.

Miquel's team submitted everything in minutes after my application.

Days later I received a document from the IRS. I signed it.

3 months and 2 days later, I have my ITIN and I can open US bank accounts, access the best credit card system in the world, and even get a US Driving License.

Doors are open.

It was smooth. I recommended it to a few friends already."
Pedro A
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Success Team:
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View Full FAQ
Will I need to pay taxes in Mexico if I become a resident or citizen?
Resident: No.

Citizen: Depending on your ties to the country it can create a tax liability. I advise booking a consultation with Miquel to plan that well before moving forward with your passport.
Does the temporary residency expire?
Yes, in 4 years you can turn it Permanent Residency.
Does the Permanent Residency expire?
No, it legally never expires.
Do I have to be in Mexico to apply for these documents?
Check the requirements section for the document you want.

Apply for your Mexico Documents

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