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Why Dubai?

0% Corporate Tax (FZCO)
0% Personal Tax after 90 days per year there
Top 3 city in the world in Influx of Millionaires
Create your dubai company
6 Minutes to fill the application
3 days later the company is Done
We make you a manager of your company
Fly to Dubai
A premium car picks you up at the airport and drives you to your stay.
In under 90 min you complete the 2 last steps (Medical Test and Fingerprints)
In 3-5 business days, you'll have your new Emirates ID
UAE banking access
We'll go to the bank with you and open an account (with option to Credit Card upgrade)
Simultaneously, you'll have your 0% tax corporate bank account and debit card shipped

Give yourself every advantage

0% Personal and Corporate Tax
0% Corporate Tax is guaranteed
0% Personal Tax (Income, Dividends and Capital Gains) after 90 days staying in the UAE per year
Access to UAE Banking
The same banks that billionaires keep their money in
Multi currency accounts (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AED)
Meet and Connect with
We host Masterminds and meetups (when Miquel is in Dubai). You'll be invited
Join our exclusive circle of millionaires to meet when you are in Dubai
Access exclusive deals we don't share in Social Media (clients only)
Access to our Know-how
Our Elite Program (the most expensive) is the fastest you'll find.
From payment to UAE resident (with bank accounts and a FZCO) in 16 days.
Money and Success loves speed. We use your payment to give you lightning bold speed.
Standard plans available for those who can't afford the Elite.
Move to Dubai,
start your 0% Life. With a few clicks.
With us, you can change your legal residency within days, instead of weeks.
We help you with all the paperwork.
Moving to UAE is simple and straightforward
Dubai Company creation in 3 days
Medical Test
Emirates ID
Bank Account
Add-ons (Click to see)
Driving licenses (car and moto)
Best UAE Credit Cards
Elite Banking
All processes are legal (white area) and properly registered in the official government system.

You are 5 Steps Away
from a 0% Tax Life

1. Pay
2. Fill a 6 min form to create your Dubai 0% Tax Free Zone Company (FZCO)
+3 Days
3 days later the company is Incorporated ‚úÖ
We make you a manager of your company
5 days later, you can arrive to Dubai
Fly to Dubai.
A premium car picks you up at the airport and drives you to your stay (only Elite Package)
+1 day
The following day, in under 90 min, you complete the 2 last steps (Medical Test and Fingerprints)
Skip standard lines (only Elite Package)
+3 days
In 3-5 business days, you'll have your new Emirates ID
+1 day
We'll go to the bank with you and open an account (with option to Credit Card upgrade)
+3 day
In 3-5 business days you'll have your account ready and your debit card at your place
Simultaneously, you'll have your 0% tax corporate bank account and debit card shipped
16 Days total (the fastest, with the Elite Package)

Choose Your
ūüá¶ūüá™ UAE Plan

Free Zone Company (3 Days)
Free Zone Company
100% Online
Select this option
UAE 0% Tax Residency Premium (25 Days)
0% Tax FZCO
Medical Test + Fingerprints + Emirates ID
Personal and Company Banking Assistance + 1 year accounting
Access to Miquel and team via Telegram/Whatsapp
Contacts and connections (introductions) in Dubai from our network (tailored to what you want and need)
Select this option
UAE residency Elite Package
One time set-up fee
What's included?
UAE Temporary Residency (2 years)
UAE ID Card (Emirates ID) in 16 Days (since start)
Bank Acount Assistance (Personal and Corporate)
Medical Test & Finger Prints
A private chauffeur always there for you. Premium rides to save time. Excellent English.
Well connected team available to solve all your questions about Dubai/UAE (all topics)
24/7 chat support (Whatsapp and Telegram) with the team.
Complimentary 1-1 Consultation with Miquel (60 min)
Access to Miquel's direct line chat contact
Exclusive invitation to Millionaire Meetups
(access to HNWIs Network and Connections)
Chat with my team

Success Team:
AI Chat
Solve instantly any questions with our AI Sovereign Assistant (chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page)

What my clients say

I opened an offshore bank account + Debit Card in under one hour with Miquel's contacts.
"We set up a group chat beforehand and I shared some information. With that they set up an appointment for me at the bank. I arrived at the given time, a real nice location, and had the one to one meeting with the bank rep. She was super helpful and we had the account opened and debit card in hand in less than an hour. I had the option to open a crypto friendly account or a standard checking account. Very happy with how it went.

I was also able to compare the service with another bank there, very different experience and I still haven’t got the account 2 weeks later. So all in all I can definitely recommend Miquel’s contact there."
Nicholas O
I got my Mexican passport in 5 weeks after being stuck for months.
"Mexico can be heaven or a nightmare depending on who you know.

Processes get stuck and there's not much you can do as a foreigner to speed it up.

They take their time and via the normal route, it can take months.

Miquel helped me get all the required documents I needed to expedite my Mexican passport (one was not correct as advised by another service provider).

With the right documents, he used his contacts to put my case in priority.

5 weeks later I went to Miquel's partners office in Playa del Carmen to pick my new Mexican passport.

Officially a Mexican citizenship now.

I wish I leveraged the right contacts before. After months stuck, with Miquel's team it was all a breeze."
Ryan L
mexican passport
I got my US ITIN in 3 months and 2 days after filling a 2 min form. The rest was on Miquel's team.
"I sent a passport scan, an email and a mail address.

Miquel's team submitted everything in minutes after my application.

Days later I received a document from the IRS. I signed it.

3 months and 2 days later, I have my ITIN and I can open US bank accounts, access the best credit card system in the world, and even get a US Driving License.

Doors are open.

It was smooth. I recommended it to a few friends already."
Pedro A


View Full FAQ
Can I Pay in Crypto?
Crypto USDT or BTC

Also ACH Transfer (our bank is Wise, USD or EUR Account)
and Stripe (with Credit Card) with a 4% fee.

For more payment options, you can ask us (we have 22 banks in 8 currencies, so shouldn't be a problem)
How do I become a tax resident in the UAE?
1st: Becoming a non-tax resident in your country of origin

2nd: Being +90 days per year in the UAE.
What are the best months to come to Dubai?
Avoid Summer (Jun to Aug) if possible.
Come Oct to Mar for the best weather (Dec and Jan are the best). You'll also have more people to connect with.
Is the Elite for me?
If you make over 500k a year and have 25k cash in hand, don't hesitate and take the Elite. You'll love the royal treatment, the experience is the smoothest you can get.

If money is tight, go with the Premium or Standard.
People told me I have to rent 12 months a year in Dubai. How do you normally do short term rentals?

I don't really want to set up bills/wifi, etc. for a place just for 3 months.
I (Miquel) lived in 5-star hotels for months. They can get you good prices when you negotiate.

Also, Airbnb 30 day bookings work well. You can also book for 7 days and negotiate a direct deal with the owner/manager later.

No need to sign any contract.
Is it better to own a US LLC held by the Dubai FZCO, or by my physical person?
That's something to evaluate in a consultation with Miquel.

What's clear is that your FZCO must be owned by you to be granted the UAE Residency.
What is the cost of living in Dubai?
City center (Downtown/Marina) 5-10k USD in summer and 8-13k USD in winter.

Of course, depending on how lavishly you like to live.

20 min away from the city you can find 40-50% more affordable prices.
What is the official currency of Dubai?
The AED (which is pegged to the Dollar)

1 USD = 3.67 AED
Is Dubai a safe city to live in?
Is one of the safest on the planet.

You won't get any better than Dubai for that.
Can I open a bank account in Dubai without Emirates ID?
No that I am aware of.

Once you have it, it is a breeze with us.
Is it true that corporate tax is now 9% instead of 0%?
For some companies, yes.
But not the FZCOs that we incorporate. These are still 0% tax.
What do I need to know before landing?
Get a +971 number with Virgin Mobile (with your passport)

Careem and Uber for rides and supermarket/food delivery. Don't waste your time going to the supermarket.

Watch Miquel's YouTube videos to come here prepared and save hours of your time daily with the tricks and hacks shared from experience.

Youtube Channel

Get Your 0% Tax Residency
in the UAE

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