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Open bank accounts online and in the UK
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Pay 0% Tax as a non-UK Resident
Open remotley online banks such as Wise or Revolut
Start receiving worldwide money into your accounts (potentially tax-free)

What Makes Us Unique

24-hour Incorporation
We use automated workflows that instantly
submit your application.
No middle men delays.
Virtual Address in the uK
Receive your mail in the UK and take advantage of a prestigious address in a city like London.

Keep a copy of all your documents online with us.

Give yourself every advantage

All in one Place
Your company's folder. All you need in one place.
Client Success support via chat. You are fully covered by our experts.
Access the relevant information from your tailored dashboard: The Sovereign Lounge.
Zero worries about filing Paperwork or tax returns
0 Yearly Headaches
With a small yearly fee we do it for you (first year all included)
Protect Your assets
With an LLP you can protect your assets and wealth. Limited Liability in case something goes wrong.
Up next: Explore more complex setups such as holdings or trusts to add an extra layer of protection.
Pay 0% Taxes with the proper residency setup
The LLP is a partnership structure. As a pass-through entity you pay taxes where you have your residency.
Get a residency in a territorial tax country (you pay taxes only for you local income), and potentially keep the 100% of your money.
Favorite combo: Combine it with Paraguay residency and legally pay 0% taxes.
Simple, transparent pricing — so you know what you're paying for.
No more expensive calls with lawyers, hidden costs, or surprise fees.
We provide everything you need for less than the cost of 1 hour with a top-tier law firm.
One time set-up fee
Yearly Maintenance fee
What's included?
Registered Agent
Virtual Address in the UK
Access to Miquel Girones' Team via Telegram
Incorporation documents (24h-48h)
LTD at 0% ownership (in case you are a single owner of the LLP)
Annual Filling and paperwork with the
mainenance fee (1st year included)

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Successfully incorporated within 24 hours
We'll handle the entire formation process and submit your forms to the federal agencies. You can track your progress online, and will receive your initial paperwork in as little as 24-48 hours.
Receive Your EIN in 2-3 weeks
Open Bank Accounts
In 48h hours, start accepting online payments and money in 5 currencies.

A Summary of What You Get

registered agent (more privacy)
virtual address in the selected state
All filing fees & expedited processing
Incorporation Documents in 24h-48h
LTD at 0% ownership (in case you are a single owner of the LLP)
access to miquel’s team (telegram)

What my clients say

I opened an offshore bank account + Debit Card in under one hour with Miquel's contacts.
"We set up a group chat beforehand and I shared some information. With that they set up an appointment for me at the bank. I arrived at the given time, a real nice location, and had the one to one meeting with the bank rep. She was super helpful and we had the account opened and debit card in hand in less than an hour. I had the option to open a crypto friendly account or a standard checking account. Very happy with how it went.

I was also able to compare the service with another bank there, very different experience and I still haven’t got the account 2 weeks later. So all in all I can definitely recommend Miquel’s contact there."
Nicholas O
I got my Mexican passport in 5 weeks after being stuck for months.
"Mexico can be heaven or a nightmare depending on who you know.

Processes get stuck and there's not much you can do as a foreigner to speed it up.

They take their time and via the normal route, it can take months.

Miquel helped me get all the required documents I needed to expedite my Mexican passport (one was not correct as advised by another service provider).

With the right documents, he used his contacts to put my case in priority.

5 weeks later I went to Miquel's partners office in Playa del Carmen to pick my new Mexican passport.

Officially a Mexican citizenship now.

I wish I leveraged the right contacts before. After months stuck, with Miquel's team it was all a breeze."
Ryan L
mexican passport
I got my US ITIN in 3 months and 2 days after filling a 2 min form. The rest was on Miquel's team.
"I sent a passport scan, an email and a mail address.

Miquel's team submitted everything in minutes after my application.

Days later I received a document from the IRS. I signed it.

3 months and 2 days later, I have my ITIN and I can open US bank accounts, access the best credit card system in the world, and even get a US Driving License.

Doors are open.

It was smooth. I recommended it to a few friends already."
Pedro A


View Full FAQ
What is an LLP?
A Limited liability company (LLC) is a business structure that offers limited liability protection and pass-through taxation. As with corporations, the LLC legally exists as a separate entity from its owners. Therefore, owners cannot typically be held personally responsible for the business debts and liabilities.
How can I pay 0% taxes with an LLP?
A UK LLP can conduct business in the UK without any restrictions. With that said, doing so will usually create a tax burden in the UK for the partners. Do note that selling services and products to UK customers from abroad, via a UK LLP, will not usually be deemed as conducting business in the UK and as such, will not usually create a UK tax liability. It may create a UK VAT liability, however, depending on the nature of the products and services sold.

A UK LLP is a pass-through entity for tax purposes and this means that it is not a taxable entity in and of itself. Instead, the partners (owners) must include their share of the profits on their own tax returns, in their country of residence (personal or corporate). When one or more of the partners is a UK resident, they will be liable to tax in the UK on their share of the LLP’s worldwide profits while non-resident partners will only be liable to tax in the UK on their share of the LLP’s UK profits. If no business is conducted in UK, and all partners are non-residents, no tax liability will exist in UK
Do I need a partner?
The UK LLP is a partnership structure. This means that it must have at least two partners (all LLP partners are limited partners, unlike an LP with its mix of limited and general partners). The partners can be natural persons, legal entities (a Holding LTD for example) or a mix of both. There are no residency requirements for any of the partners.
How can I open a bank account?
While the UK is home to some of the largest banks in the world (HSBC, Standard Chartered etc), non-residents will often struggle to open accounts for their LLP. As a result, it is recommended to instead use fintech services such as Wise, Revolut, Juni, etc. They offer an excellent range of services, in multiple currencies, and are compatible with Stripe, PayPal etc.Speaking of which, a UK LLP can apply for a merchant account with most of the major payment processing services operating in the UK. The best one, for businesses operating primarily in currencies other than the GBP, is Stripe (settlements can be received in EUR, USD, CHF etc). PayPal can also be used and can be linked to Wise and similar fintech services, but only in GBP.

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