Your Panama Crypto-friendly No-Freezing Bank Account Remotely Opened in 3 Days.

Direct connection with the bank superior board, plus partners in it.
Over 50 years of impeccable reputation in the Panama banking sector.

You'll be in good hands.
scroll and see how YOU can open this account today

Why panama?

Panama is renowned and stable tax haven.
A country without Central Bank.
Well-spoken English and welcoming to business people.
Setup Your crypto-friendly Bank Account
Complete the initial form in <2 minutes
Get your account in less than a week.
No more frozen funds
Apply for an elite credit card
With a 15,000 USD deposit in the bank, you will qualify for a Visa Infinite Credit Card shipped anywhere in the world.
VIP Lounges
TSA Pre-check (no more lines or waiting at the airport)
24/7 virtual concierge

and other elite features
Extra: Protect Your assets with a Corporate Bank Account
If you have a US LLC, we assist you in opening a bank account for your company as well.
Strong protection by having the company incorporated in a different country than where you hold its funds.
Maximum protection: Set up a Panama Trust and/or hold part of your wealth in Gold stored in a Panama Safe Vault.

What Makes Us Unique

Exclusive Remote Opening
We are one of the only partners worldwide with exclusive access to remote opening with this crypto-friendly bank.
Elite Banking for successful individuals and Global Citizens
In 3-5 business days you'll have your USD and crypto account + debit card ready.

A few more days and you can apply for a Visa Infinite Credit Card (VIP Lounges, TSA Pre-check, 24/7 concierge and other elite features)

Give yourself every advantage

US Dollar as a Currency
Private and trustworthy family bank with more than 50 years operating.
A country without Central Bank
Easy international transactions
Exchange your USD for stablecoins
USDC/USDT Deposits in less than 30 minutes.
Deposit in BTC, and use crypto as your funds.
Send and receive money from exchanges.
Located in Panama
A stable Tax Heaven
One of the least indebted countries in America
All banks speak English and Spanish
A good base to set up other protective legal structures (Trusts, Companies...)
Get a Visa Black Infinite Credit Card
Investment account
Currencies available: USD, EUR, BTC and others.
No frozen funds like Wise, Revolut and other fintech banks.
Simple, transparent pricing ‚ÄĒ so you know what you're paying for.
No more expensive calls with lawyers, hidden costs, or surprise fees.
We provide everything you need for less than the cost of 1 hour with a top-tier law firm.
One time set-up payment
Yearly Maintenance costs
What's included?
A checking, savings and investment account
Minimum deposit $50
USD, EUR, BTC, USDC accounts
High Privacy
Visa Black Infinite Credit Card (with the right conditions)

Complete it in 2 minutes

Fill Up Our Form
Provide your passport copy
A Bank Statement
A crypto Address
Get Your Bank Account in 3-5 days
Enjoy your crypto-friendly bank account without frozen funds

A Summary of What You Get

A Remote Opening Bank Account
50 USD Minimum opening deposit
USD, EUR, BTC and USDC accounts
No frozen funds like wise or revolut
High Privacy
Checking, Savings and Investment accounts
Access to a visa black Infinite credit card

Other Services in Panama

top pick
Incorporate your Panama LLC
Offshore company to hold your assets or to operate internationally with solid banking.
apply now
top pick
Incorporate your trust
Protect your wealth and assets. Set everything up for generational protection and succession.

Peace of mind and money sorted out for the ones you care about and love when you are not here anymore.
apply now

What my clients say

I opened an offshore bank account + Debit Card in under one hour with Miquel's contacts.
"We set up a group chat beforehand and I shared some information. With that they set up an appointment for me at the bank. I arrived at the given time, a real nice location, and had the one to one meeting with the bank rep. She was super helpful and we had the account opened and debit card in hand in less than an hour. I had the option to open a crypto friendly account or a standard checking account. Very happy with how it went.

I was also able to compare the service with another bank there, very different experience and I still haven’t got the account 2 weeks later. So all in all I can definitely recommend Miquel’s contact there."
Nicholas O
I got my Mexican passport in 5 weeks after being stuck for months.
"Mexico can be heaven or a nightmare depending on who you know.

Processes get stuck and there's not much you can do as a foreigner to speed it up.

They take their time and via the normal route, it can take months.

Miquel helped me get all the required documents I needed to expedite my Mexican passport (one was not correct as advised by another service provider).

With the right documents, he used his contacts to put my case in priority.

5 weeks later I went to Miquel's partners office in Playa del Carmen to pick my new Mexican passport.

Officially a Mexican citizenship now.

I wish I leveraged the right contacts before. After months stuck, with Miquel's team it was all a breeze."
Ryan L
mexican passport
I got my US ITIN in 3 months and 2 days after filling a 2 min form. The rest was on Miquel's team.
"I sent a passport scan, an email and a mail address.

Miquel's team submitted everything in minutes after my application.

Days later I received a document from the IRS. I signed it.

3 months and 2 days later, I have my ITIN and I can open US bank accounts, access the best credit card system in the world, and even get a US Driving License.

Doors are open.

It was smooth. I recommended it to a few friends already."
Pedro A


View Full FAQ
Who can open an account?
Both Panamanian and non-Panamanian residents.
The accounts can be opened for companies and individuals from anywhere except restricted countries (Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.).
Opening bank accounts for non-Panama resident companies and individuals is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
While Panama ties are not required, having them will increase the chance of successfully opening an account. This can include local investments, residence, bank accounts or in-country businesses for individuals.
Do I need to travel to Panama?
Usually yes. However, through our internal VIP contacts and long-term relationship with the bank, we are able to offer the opening process completely remote. Instead of an in-person visit to the headquarters in Panama City, you'll just make a simple Zoom call from wherever you want. We can then ship your card anywhere in the world.
What do you mean by "Crypto-Friendly" Account?
Banks in countries like Canada or global fintechs like Wise will block or suspend your account if they see any crypto-related transactions.
If your income or source of funds comes from cryptos, banks in countries like Uruguay won't even open an account for you.
Have a bank account that allows you to:
- Use cryptos as a source of funds
- Deposit into account directly with cryptos
- Swap between stables and dollars at will
- Transact freely to and from exchanges worldwide
It is something that is available in few stable tax havens. Usually with much higher deposit minimums.
For example, in Liechtenstein you need to deposit a minimum of $500,000 CHF.
This makes the Crypto-friendly account a perfect bridge between the crypto world and the traditional banking world.

Open Your Bullet-proof Bank Account

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